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Zeva Denim guarantees the best denim fabric specially made for your brand. Our expertise in manufacturing denim fabric wholesale, along with our top-notch client support, is sure to give your business the leverage needed to reach the next level.

Move forward with the world’s best custom denim Fabric solutions

At Zeva Denim, we aim to go beyond simple with custom theme & pattern tailored to your brand. We have created the world’s best denim fabric solutions that are easier and more accessible to anyone from anywhere.

For Wholsaler

80% fabric are in-stock. From stretch and non-stretch solids to printed denim fabric, no matter how diverse your fabric are, all of them can be fulfilled and tailored to your business.

For Garment Factory

Our R&D team explore to research out what is the latest fashion color, washing, denim surface, texture and final touch, and then translate and show in the new fabric collection launches per month.

Small Min. Quantity

For in-stock items, MOQ is just 3000 yards per color. You can keep selling at low stock pressure.

Affordable Factory Price

By optimizing the denim fabric production cost directly from our factory, we can offer you a better price than other competitors.

Quick Turnaround

If you have a deadline we’ll do our best to meet it. Each process from custom to delivery is fast allowing you to garment manufacturing right away .

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    Your one stop place for various kind of Woven Denim Fabric

    We have an extensive range of denim fabric. You can make any of our woven denim, printed denim and cotton denim fabric completely unique to your company or brand.

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    Denim Fabric for Men
    Denim Fabric · Non-stretch
    Denim Fabric · Sustainable
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    Skillful Manufacturing Honed by Experience

    Assisted by our cutting-edge production facilities and skillful staff, our manufacturing process has been developed efficiently over the years, resulting in a seamless and fast-paced production process.



    Our production process starts by turning the raw cotton material into high-quality yarn. We spin the carefully-selected premium cotton using modern spinning equipment and draw out the thread for our fabrics. We then check the completed yarn, looking for inconsistencies and taking them out before proceeding with the next process.


    Once the yarn is spun, we give it its preferred color. With a specialized dyeing process, the high-class dyes penetrate deeply into the fibers, guaranteeing longer color retention and exact shades. The yarn is dipped into the dye six to nine times, making sure it fully absorbs the colors and reduces the risks of discoloration.


    After the dying process, the yarn is drawn and slowly woven together to create the distinct denim fabric we’re known for. Our established weaving process results in extreme durability and flexibility. We take the time to weave the yarn according to your specifications for specialized designs.

    Shinkproofing and Desizing

    After the dyeing and weaving process, the fabric goes through several methods to reduce the risk of shrinkage or desizing. Part of our tests and adjustments include singeing, mercerizing, and pre-shrinking, among others. With our process, the fabric retains its measurements faithfully.

    Inspection and Warehousing

    Before placing the completed fabrics in our fully-functional warehouse, expert quality control inspectors conduct several audits to ensure quality and consistency. Once placed in the warehouse, samples are taken from the fabric for testing before shipment. Our pre-shipping inspections help guarantee that you get the quality fabrics that your brand deserves.

    Get Peerless Custom Denim Fabric Made to Order!

    Talk to our team today and see how our years of expertise can advance your brand designs!

    Your Ultimate Custom Denim Fabric Manufacturer

    With totally 240 state of the art rapier looms which are imported from Belgium and Italy, our capacity of production is up to 20 million meters per year.

    We are specialized in woven denim fabric and cotton fabric, integrating R&D, production and sales. Fabrics are divided into two lines, Basic Classics and Lush Innovations, and product quantity keeps growing as we launch new fabric collections per season, based on latest fashion trend.

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    Meticulous Testing Processes

    Part of our quality control protocol involves the practice of these established tests handled by our quality control auditors.

    Yarn Test

    Several factors of the yarn, including color absorption, uniformity, thickness, strength and twist performance is tested and compared to factory standards, before warping.

    Dyeing Color Test

    Each dyed batch is inspected and compared with our color swatches, checking if they faithfully match the required shade.

    Fabric Inspection After Unloading from Weaving Machine

    After weaving and before finishing, each roll of fabric would be checked, renovate defects and scored based on American 4-Point System.

    Finishing Test

    A sample of each finishing batch is cut and washed to check if finishing process is done accurately, to check weft and warp shrinkage, skewing, singeing. Color lot checking is additional needed for desizing and mercerizing.

    Finished Fabric, Final Test

    Our most important procedure.We conduct another round of testing on the fabric to ensure product quality is perfectly matched with the American 4-Point System before sending to globe. A final detailed quality report will be done here.


    We pack finished fabric with plastic bag tightly, insure fabric is kept before sending it out for shipment.

    How to work with us


    Upload a design & Get a quotation

    A proposal will be offered within 24 hours to optimize the design and cost till it reaches your perfection.


    Prototype sample

    A brand new mold from your ideas will be brought to life and delivered to your hands.


    Bulk production & Quality Inspection

    All the packages will be carefully inspected before delivery.



    Sit back and wait for the cartons to arrive at the door in front of your business or warehouse.

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      We are denim fabric manufacturer, integrating R&D, production and marketing. Offering 200+ classic and innovative denim products at competitive price, small MOQ and mostly within 7 days delivery.


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