4.4oz 180cm Chambray for Shirting or Printed 100%Cotton Denim Fabric


  • Sky blue
  • 4.4oz b/w  I  70/71 inch
  • 2/1 plain weave, chambray
  • 100% cotton
  • More colors: navy blue, dark blue, black.


  • 2/1 plain weave, appear as crisscross pattern.
  • 4 colors, boost more apparel designs.
  • 70/71 inch (177-180cm), 12.5% longer than regular chambray.
  • Widely-used in kids’apparel and printed denim.
  • Offering on stock, small MOQ and short lead time.

Crisscross Pattern

4.4oz 180cm Chambray for Shirting or Printed Denim4
4.4oz 180cm Chambray for Shirting Denim

It’s the main characteristic of this denim collection.

Each colored warp thread goes over, then under, each white weft thread.

More crisscross dots, make this denim collection’s supreme breathable performance.

Ideal for summer.



4 Colors of the Same Quality

4.4oz 180cm Chambray for Shirting or Printed Denim
4.4oz 180cm Chambray for Shirting Denim

This denim collection owns totally 4 colors of the same quality:

  • Sky blue. Bright tone no matter in light or dark wash.
  • Navy blue. Classic and pure blue.
  • Dark blue. Color is unique to us, much darker than normal chambray on the market.
  • Sulphur black.

More colors, to help boost more apparel ideas.



180CM Width

#202 denim collection owns 70/71 inch (177-180cm) width.

12.5% longer width than regular chambray on the market.

The longer width of fabric helps to save more fabric usage.




Its Apparel Application

This denim collection is widely used in kids’ apparel and printed denim. For kids’ apparel, try to boost apparel ideas with our various chambray options. Some suggested apparel applications:

  • Dress
  • Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Hats
  • Jeans, e.g. balloon-fit jeans



Competitive Price and Small MOQ

As one of our best-selling lightweight denim, 202 owns competitive prices and minimum order quantity requirements.

We can meet with big quantity orders and fulfill them in a short time.

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