Heavy Denim Fabric

Authentic and vintage.
Weight from 10 to 14 oz, in left or right hand 3×1 style.
Perfect for workwear, regular straight pants, coat and jacket.

How to Choose the Right Denim Fabric
A Guide for Garment Factory, Fabric Wholesalers, Importers and Sourcing Agents

1. Are you clear about your fabric requirements?

Yes, please offer:

  • Fabric weight (pre-washed/post-washed)
  • Slub style (e.g. pure twill, classic slub, slight slub, rain slub, crosshatch)
  • Stretchability (low/medium/high/super high stretch)
  • Fabric width
  • Product application (e.g. men’s jeans, women’s jeans, children’s jeans, shirts, and others)
  • Specific jean design (e.g. skinny fit, slim fit, straight fit, flare, bootcut, wide-leg)
  • Other requirement (e.g. sustainable, composition should be cotton spandex)

No, please offer:

  • Product application (e.g. men’s jeans, women’s jeans, children’s jeans, shirts, and others)
  • Specific jean design (e.g. skinny fit, slim fit, straight fit, flare, bootcut, wide-leg)
  • Stretchability (low/medium/high/super high stretch)

Noted: if you have a sample of the fabric you’re looking for, please send it to us to provide a more accurate quote. All sample shipping costs should be paid upfront, but we will refund you when you confirm the order. 

Are you clear about your fabric requirements
Do you have target price
2. Do you have a target price?

Yes, we have a target price:

  • We will provide several products in this price range based on your target price.
  • Additionally, we might also recommend you some preferred items for your market according to our extensive sales experience.

No target price:

  • We will suggest a range of products based on your market.
  • And denim fabric of one or more yarn qualities might be introduced, including competitive recycled cotton, classic siro spun, ultra soft Cloud Soft Yarn™.

If you don’t know enough about denim fabrics, welcome to our blog page to learn more about fabrics.

3. Pricing, Lead Time, and MOQ

Normally we provide quotations for both 20ft and 40ft containers. Please inform us ahead if you need LCL pricing.

Order Minimums:

  • 3000 yards for in-stock fabric
  • 5000 to 8000 yards for custom-made fabric.

Please contact us to confirm the minimum order quantity if you plan to make custom orders with samples. The minimum order quantity can be reduced to 1000 yards per item for in-stock fabric when the order is 20ft or 40ft container. 

Lead time:

  • In-stock fabric: We will send it out within 7 days.
  • Custom-made or in-stock can’t cover orders:Normally production time is from 15 to 30 days.

We have over 200 types of in-stock denim fabrics available, ranging from 4-14oz with or without stretch, classic/innovative/aesthetic/eco-friendly/performance denim fabrics that can quickly meet your needs even for small orders.

pricing, Lead Time, and MOQ
Sample Delivery
4. Sample Delivery

While photos and data can convey a general understanding of fabric, requesting fabric samples is still an important step. There are several reasons for this:

  • To accurately calculate your fabric costs
  • To see how different wash methods affect the final garment’s appearance
  • To determine a fabric’s market appeal and suitability for your region

To make this step easier, we offer customers the following samples:

  • Hanger
  • Raw fabric 
  • Half sample pant
  • Full sample pant

We offer a maximum of 5 free samples for new customers, including hangers and raw fabric. We offer a maximum of 8 free samples for loyal customers, including hangers, raw fabric, half pants, and full pants.

Noted: all samples would be sent with freight collection, which would be refunded after the order is confirmed.


How Can I Get the Quotation of Denim Fabric?

Contact us via live chat box, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.
All of these buttons are located on the right side of each website page.
And please update at least the below details:
– For men, ladies, or kids?
– With stretch or not?
Forward sample pictures to us if you want if for reference.

What’s Your Minimum Order Quantity and Delivery Time?

For ready-to-ship items, 3000 yards per item per color.
For customized items, 8000 yards per item per color.

Delivery time:
Depends on your order quantity.
Most are ready-to-ship, and delivery time is within 7 working days.
For customized items or if our stock can’t cover your order, 15-35 working days accordingly.

Can I Get Free Sample?

Yes, we can offer some free samples in A4 size, hangers, half pants, or meters, with freight collection.

Can You Make Fabric According to My Sample?

Yes sure, we have our R&D teams, with over 10 years experience in developing fabric.
We can help you customize unique and competitive fabric in 6 easy steps.

How Can You Ensure the Fabric Quality?

We utilize our systematic QC procedures to ensure stable quality from material to fabric.
3 steps of checking fabric are based on the American 4-Point System.
First check, after weaving and before finishing. We will fix small defects when checking. For big defects which cant repair, will mark them out with a yellow pen. Done by computerized checking.
Second check, after finishing and before placing in the warehouse. Check data about shrinkage, weft inclination, and quality of the finishing process.
Last check, before loading. Double-check and have a fabric quality inspection report for every roll. We can pack as per customer needs, for example, change label details and packing methods. Done by computerized checking.

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