170cm Cobalt Blue With White Core Satin Denim


  • Cobalt blue
  • 9 oz b/w  I  66/67 inch
  • Satin weave
  • 65%cotton, 33%polyester, 2%spandex
  • Elasticity (%): 40±5
  • More color: dark blue


  • Pure and bright cobalt blue with natural highs-and-lows.
  • 40% elasticity, comfort stretch.
  • Competitive price.

Color Inspiration

The color cobalt blue has won many fans since its first inception in the 18th century. It’s a dramatic color boosting many inspirations. Symbol of peaceful and tranquil. It soothes our mind or body, by invoking the body to produce chemicals that have calming effects. Symbol of richness, depth, and spaces. Blue is mostly used to describe the sky and sea. Its stylish deep and vibrant blue shade makes it the perfect choice. Symbol of vibrant.

It’s favored by artists and interior decoration. It’s mysterious and worth a try color. Now it has become the fashion color of 2022 A/F and last till 2023.


Denim in Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Satin Denim Fabric Wholesale CT1619 (3)
Cobalt Blue Satin Denim Fabric Wholesale 

Denim with cobalt blue is a magic try, especially satin denim.

CT1619 is 4/1 weaved as satin denim. Dyed with cobalt blue, its purplish tone and pure saturated color stand out in another weaving style. Make it more luxe and clean look.  CT1619 is easy to adapt to different washes.

In a dark wash, cast as a pure and clean vibrant blue.In a medium wash, cast as stylish highs-and-lows.In the light wash, stay more bright and more youthful than dark blue.



Comfort Stretch

Cobalt Blue Satin Denim Fabric Wholesale CT1619 (1)
Cobalt Blue Satin Denim Fabric Wholesale 

CT1619 owns 40% elasticity, and comfort stretches without compromising its recovery.

Ideal for lady skinny or slim fit.





Competitive Price

CT1619 ranks the first three in our satin denim collection. It is perfectly cost-effective satin denim.

  • Most adaptable weight in longer width, that is 11oz A/W in 66/67 inch width.
  • Full and fluffy soft hand feel.
  • Supreme fading performance with a white core.
  • Comfort medium-high stretch with good recovery.
  • Competitive price.

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