100%Cotton Lightweight Vintage Crosshatch Pain Weave Shirting Denim Fabirc


  • Dark blue
  • 4.7oz b/w  I  5.0 oz a/w  I  62/63 inch
  • Crosshatch slub in 2/1 plain weave
  • 100% cotton


  • Vintage and classic slub style.
  • Ideal for kids’shiritng and jeans.
  • Offering on stock.

Vintage Crosshatch Style

Lightweight Vintage Crosshatch Plain Weave Shirting Denim
Lightweight Vintage  Shirting Denim

JC3211 performs as crosshatch slub in 2/1 plain weave.

It owns a vintage, bold, and distinctive crosshatch style.

Thanks to its 2/1 plain weave style, JC3211 owns brilliant breathable features, ideal for summer shirting.





Ideal for KidsApparel

JC3211 is ideal for kids’ apparel, main reasons:

  • 100% cotton made of high yarn count. Full of natural and premium cotton feel.
  • Weight 5oz after wash. Ideal weight to craft summer denim apparel for kids. Not a heavy burden.
  • More stylish slub style than pure 2/1 plain or 3/1 Z twill. Ideal to craft stylish fashionable kids apparel.




Offering on Stock

This denim is offered in stock, with a small quantity needed.

We can fulfill small orders and those which need to finish within a short time.

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