Cost-Effective Dobby Denim Fabric With Honey Comb Design


  • Dark blue, cobalt blue
  • 9.4 oz b/wI  62/63 inch
  • Dobby (honey comb design)
  • 70%cotton,25%polyester,3%rayon, 2%spandex


  • Denim Exploration in Honeycomb Pattern.
  • High Saturated Cobalt Blue Inside.
  • Medium High Stretch.
  • Cost-effective dobby.

Denim Exploration in Honeycomb Pattern

Honeycomb structures are derived from nature but are also widely seen in human activities. It is especially widely used in architecture as it allows the minimization of the amount of used material to reach minimal weight and minimal material cost.

And also commonly applied in art creation. It’s an attractive visual structure that has an uncluttered quality of complexity. He has a great visual impact. A repeating graphic design makes a lasting impression.

T1617 is an example of denim to explore in honeycomb design. Both sides of the fabric have the same design. Compared to normal twill or plain weave, it has a more textured and stylish surface and touching. It’s an aesthetic design.


High Saturated Cobalt Blue Inside

Cost-Effective Dobby Denim Fabric With Honey Comb Design
Cost-Effective Dobby Denim Fabric 

Cobalt blue is a vibrant blue color, and within has high intensity blue shades and bright tones.

T1617 applies this stylish cobalt blue in its backside.

Ideal for cuffing jeans, while it can show the inner special color.





Medium High Stretch

T1617 owns a maximum of 40% elasticity and medium-high stretch for men’s slim fit.

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