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Jeans gradually become popular around the world, in 1837, when a tailor from Nevada designed and made a pair of rivet-reinforced denim pants. Back at that time, durable and acceptable price is the most important thing as those pants were mainly used by the people like sailors and the air force.

Slowly, jeans become popular worn by miners, cowboys, and farmers. In the postwar year, denim shirts become popular among cowboys. Till the 80s, the denim shirt is perfect for coping with some fashion elements like studs or Swarovski crystals. Since then, this iconic item became a must-have item every year.

Today we are going to study the following four items about denim shirt shirts:

  • What is Denim Shirt?
  • Why Denim Shirt is always popular?
  • What kind of denim fabric can make Denim Shirt?


What Is Denim Shirt?


Yes, you are right. The denim shirt is a shirt made of denim fabric no doubt. Before, people may not like denim shirts, as this cloth is tough and thick, and is mainly used by outdoor workers. The working class only focuses on cheap and durable.

They spend most of the daytime working along the seashore, up in the sky, on the farmland, below under the land digging mines, or on horseback. Can imagine why a cheap and durable shirt is so important now?

As time goes by, now denim shirt is popular all over the world and accepted by different classes of people. If you want to look casual on Friday, a denim shirt may be the first choice to appear in your mind.

With the development of technology, denim fabric cannot remain tough and thick of course, instead, is soft and comfortable, breathable and colorful. Different cotton grades, different types of yarn mix, or even sustainable fiber mixes can affect the fantastic look of a denim shirt and also feel of touch in a big way.


Why Denim Shirts Are Always Popular?


I agree versatile is the theme word of this topic. You can match this indigo blue shirt with almost every pair of pants and dress in your wardrobe. Don’t forget this shirt also can be worn as an accessory. People can even match it with jeans. Do people like the famous photo taken on the red carpet by Britney and Justin? They were wearing a denim matching outfit!

We all know that the first denim shirt is made for men, to be specific cowboy, they are the first generation to wear “double denim” which means, a denim shirt plus jeans. Now the young work-class generation can wear it with black trousers and then pair it with oxfords as an outfit for a formal business event. And shorts plus a cotton vest together with a denim shirt with sneakers can bring you back to the street outfit culture.

People can wear a white shirt and white jeans paired with white sneakers, then tie the denim shirt on the waist as an accessory. This can make the vogue of the day. No man can reject a denim shirt, whether is for work or a holiday.

man shirting denim
man shirting denim


For ladies, the styles change with bewildering rapidity when they meet denim shirts. Pair it with boots and skirts, wide pants with chunky sneakers, tie the tail on the waist on a printed chiffon dress, etc.

And in winter you can pair it with a turtleneck sweater and legging with boots, covered by an oversize nanny knit sweater when you need to go outside… So so so many looks can match a denim shirt for a woman. This can be the reason why denim shirts never feel over time whenever you wear them.


What Kind of Denim Fabric Can Make a Denim Shirt?


Now if you would like to make a denim shirt for a gent and a lady, you can look at the link here: #202, this is a light non-stretch denim suitable for various designs. Amazing performance of color from a light wash to a heavy wash. Popular for both men and women shirting denim in the summertime.

We do have non-stretch shirting denim a bit heavier, that will be the C1630C-1 with slub, more stylish when you design your item. This is the most commend shirting denim, stiff as it’s 100% cotton, and can carve a perfect style with it.

Stretch shirting denim is also one of our advantages, series JC3213 is 32 yarn count’s cotton stretch denim, 5 oz to about 6 oz very soft and more comfortable with low to medium stretch, easy to wear and the same size can be suitable for various body figures. Different styles can be created from slub fabric to no slub.




Hope you enjoy this article and am so happy to share with you some ideas about denim fabric. Please leave us a comment or share it with your friends.

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