Three Must-Know Points About Jacquard Denim

Jacquard Denim

Nowadays, if we would like to add some patterns to our fabric, what would be the first method you could think of?

Most of us will think of the latest technology like printing on the fabric directly or the ages embroidery method using needles and threads to stitch the pattern on the fabric, but these two methods mainly use plain weave fabric. How about we weave the pattern out in a special machine?

I am sure you already know what we are talking about today. Let’s look at today’s agenda:

  • What is Jacquard Denim
  • History of Jacquard Denim
  • Our Jacquard denim collection CT1639


What Is Jacquard Denim


Jacquard fabrics are woven on a jacquard loom and can be made into a wide range of patterns, for example from small, delicate patterns to large patterns. That allows spinning the width of the fabric, from single-color ground patterns to various picture patterns in more than 100 colors. Since the patterns are already created during the weaving process, the fabric is a bit thicker and more vivid than the printed fabrics.

Like Jacquard denim fabric has a design or special motif woven into the construction of weaving. In this way, the pattern will be in the fabric itself, no need to add it on after the weaving.

People may think this is a very complex manner to weave patterns into the fabric itself using interweaving warp and weft. Jacquard can be any type of weave and can be crafted from any type of yarn. Let’s see some very famous and fashionable samples of jacquard denim below:

famous and fashionable samples of jacquard denim
famous and fashionable samples of jacquard denim


There are two very famous brands of jacquard denim jacket patterns. You can see from the image how thick it makes by just looking at the pictures.

Looking at these beautiful items, people may want to know how does this jacquard loom invent. We will continue with the exploring.


History of Jacquard Denim


The Jacquard machine is a device applied onto a loom to make the process of manufacturing textiles with complex patterns easy. This combination is called the jacquard loom. The jacquard loom was invented by Jacques Vaucanson (French). But, it was developed gradually by Basile Bouchon (1725), Jean Baptiste Falcon (1728), and eventually Jacques Vaucanson (1740).

When we dig deeper into the history, we found that Basile Bouchon introduced the principle of applying a perforated band of paper by improving the draw loom in 1725. First of all a continuous roll of paper was punched by hand to design the pattern. Each section represented one lash or tread and determined the length of the roll with the number of shots in each repeat of the pattern. The Jacquard machine then evolved from this idea. Jacques Vaucanson found out that with a little change then he can use this machine to make complex pattern fabric, so his machine contain eight rows of needles and uprights, which had a double row. These changes enabled him to increase the figure capacity of the machine.

As the machine was controlled by a series of punched cards, several punched cards were laced together into a continuous sequence. Several rows of holes were punched on each card, which with one complete card consisted of a certain pattern.

Thanks to the help of the knotting robot, it helps to tie the subsequent warps into the existing warp the threading of a Jacquard machine is so labor-consuming that many looms are threaded only once. Even a small loom only with a few thousand warp ends, would take the process of re-threading for many days.


Our Jacquard Denim in ZEVA DENIM


I can’t help to think about our jacquard denim, here I choose two color pictures to show you how beautiful it is. This is a customized jacquard denim we made for our customers. Very artistic style and good effect performance after wash:

jacquard denim in ZEVA
jacquard denim in ZEVA


Hand touch is soft and comfortable, a little bit thicker than normal same yarn count denim fabric.

Below is another type of jacquard denim which also very popular:

This type of jacquard denim is strip-type denim, the hand feels softer and lighter, perfect for summertime. High cotton fiber mixed with spandex makes the fabric a little bit stretchy, which is easy to have a ripped effect on it. Perfect to make DIY ripped jeans to show your style. That sure can grab many attentions of our young generation. Strip-type jacquard denim is also perfect to make shirts or sundresses, both for adults and children. This herringbone design denim provides an elegant stylish that better fulfills your variant design needs for you. For more information please click herringbone-jacquard.




So glad to learn about some beautiful denim items with all readers.

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