Premium Super High Stretch Denim Fabric for Skinny Jean


  • Dark blue
  • 10.1 oz b/w  I  12.0 oz a/w  I  58/59 inch
  • 3/1 Z twill, slight slub
  • Elasticity (%): maximum 85%
  • 72%cotton,24%polyester (include PPT), 4%spandex


  • 85% elasticity. One fabric for three sizes and for sporting.
  • Supreme recover ability, ideal for sculpting.
  • Premium cotton quality.

One Fabric for Three Sizes


This denim collection owns a maximum of 85% elasticity while most of the high-elastic denim fabrics currently on the market have 50-60%.

The 85% elasticity ensures the fabric suitable for different body features or different sizes.


Ideal for Sporting

This denim collection utilizes a unique striped-core yarn, in which two spandex and one PTT filament are wrapped inside one. Compared to single-core yarn, it ensures more stable stretch and washing performance.

In detail, the tripe-core yarn helps the denim to reduce 70% yarn slippage, which can greatly prevent a baggy, saggy, or loose-seam look.

Thus, no need to worry about it can’t stay its shape after a few movements. This denim is not only ideal for daily dress but also for high-intensity activities e.g. balloting, jogging, and hiking. Switch within different apparel applications!



Supreme Recovery Ability

AT1058 owns excellent recovery ability, that is it not only offers higher but also tougher stretch.

Main benefits:

  • Effectively shape body features.
  • Keep the jean stay their shape, avoid becoming loose shape or baggy problem.



Premium Cotton Quality

Premium denim is crafted from the beginning. We utilize better cotton than normal. Main features:

  • Soft & longer staple, over 33mm.
  • Shinny & clean.
  • High consistency.
  • Over 2500 sunshine hours before harvesting.

This denim collection owns supreme color performance and a more fluffy cotton feel than normal. It casts a more saturated blue with natural highs and lows. And it has a better fluffy cotton feel, which is especially important for lady skinny or slim fit.

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