How REPREVE® Created a Better Future?

Utilizing REPREVE® Fiber

In our world, more than 8.8 million tons of plastic garbage are dumped into the sea every year, that is, almost the same with one garbage truck pouring its contents into the ocean every minute.

Besides, more than 80% of plastic enters into the waters from land, and at present rates, there will be even more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050. Not exaggerating the problem, our fishermen might be fishing plastic waste instead of fish in the coming future. It would be a huge impact on people living by the ocean.

In recent years, the plastic crisis raises more attention from the world. They raise deep analysis and some even take efficient measures to protect their homeland.

Increasing circularity and effective recycling in plastic consumption and production practices is effective action we can do. And among them, REPREVE® is a good example to work on this issue. It is the preeminent and reliable brand field of making recycled polyester fiber from recycled plastic bottles.

In this article, we are going to dig deeper into the following subjects:

  • What is REPREVE®?
  • The Main Benefits of Utilizing REPREVE® Fiber
  • REPREVE® + DENIM, what about the fabric performance?

Let’s go ahead!


What is REPREVE®?


REPREVE® is a sustainable fiber made completely from recycled materials, including post-consumer water bottles and pre-consumer waste.

The process of making REPREVE® fiber is mainly from PET plastic bottles. Plastic material is chopped first and then crushed, followed by washed and melted and at last reformulated into a high-quality REPREVE chip. These chips will be melted into liquid state polymer and crowded out from very small openings in a spinning apparatus, creating long filaments yarn that forms REPREVE fiber.


The Main Benefits of Utilizing REPREVE® Fiber


Saving more energy and water. Less energy, less CO₂.

That is so different from the production process of the most common polyester fiber in our clothing not only consumes high energy, ut also requires a large amount of oil, releasing a large amount of waste. Volatile monomers, solvents, and other by-products from the production of polyester are released as wastewater from the factory, affecting water, air, and soil.

By utilizing REPREVE® recycled polyester, rather than virgin one, we can get the benefits below:

  • Energy consumption is reduced by 45%.
  • Water consumption is reduced by nearly 20%.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by over 30%.
  • Strictly prohibited plastic bottles from entering the oceans and lands.


REPREVE® + Fabric, What About the Fabric Performance?


REPREVE® recycled polyester has a green core while it also owns unparalleled performance.

It is used to make a wide range of garments, including women’s outwear, swim trunks, sportswear, outdoor gear, etc. The fiber is a strong, durable, and reliable material. When you touch the REPREVE® fabric, you can feel the difference.

This fabric provides moisture-wicking and thermal regulation properties, such as warming and cooling. And the people who love sporting and soft light texture may love REPREVE® very much. It is also water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant.

In terms of denim fabric, we can also utilize this sustainable recycled polyester.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly
Sustainable and Eco-friendly denim in zeva denim

Check our recommended REPREVE® denim below:

Link: REPREVE® Comfort Stretch and Sustainable Denim Fabric

Main features of this item:

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

(1)Utilize trusted REPREVE® Recycled Polyester

(2)Reduce 45% energy consumption

(3)Reduce nearly 20% of water consumption

(4)Reduce over 30% greenhouse gas emissions

Unsacrificed Performance

(1)10% darker color. Saturated pure denim blue.

(2)Twice sanforizing. Small shrinkage.

(3)40±5% high stretch with exceptional recovery

(4)Full and comfortable hand feel

Contact us online or through emails for more details, a quotation, or a sample of this item.

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