REPREVE® Comfort Stretch and Sustainable Denim Fabric


  • Dark blue
  • 11.0oz b/w  I  62/63 inch
  • 3/1 RHT no slub
  • Elasticity (%): 40±5
  • 68.9%cotton+27.3%recycled polyester+1.4%rayon+2.4% elastane


  • Utilize sustainable and trusted REPREVE®fiber, which is mainly made from bottles.
  • Emit fewer greenhouse gases. Conserve water and energy.
  • Prevent more plastic bottles entering oceans and landfills.
  • 10% darker blue with beautiful high-contrast fading.
  • Twice sanforizing applied. Small shrinkage and smooth denim surface.
  • 40±5% stretch, adaptable for more jean styles.

Sustainable REPREVE Recycled Polyester

It gives a second life of plastic bottles as sustainable fiber and weaved into denim fabric. By utilizing recycled polyester, rather than virgin one, we can get benefits as below:

  • Energy consumption is reduced by 45%.
  • Water consumption is reduced by nearly 20%.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by over 30%.
  • Prevent more plastic bottles from entering oceans and landfills.


Comfort Stretch and Sustainable Denim Fabric
Sustainable Denim Fabric

10% Darker Color

WM1002-10 owns a 10% darker color than normal. These darker and higher-intense shades are essential to craft beautiful high-contrast fading. It helps WM1002-10 to gain excellent washing no matter in a dark or light wash.





Twice Sanforizing

Normally denim fabric is applied single sanforizing for its high production efficiency and competitive price. But for high-stretch denim, especially for those not with high fabric density, the weft and warp shrinkage might be high.

WM1002-10 is a denim fabric with 45% elasticity. To make it have better washing performance, we apply twice the sanforizing process to it.  It owns minimal shrinkage no matter in the weft or warp direction. Weft 12-14%, warp 3-4%.This small shrinkage helps fabric users to save more compared to denim with regular sanforizing.


Comfort Stretch

WM1002-10 owns a maximum of 45% elasticity. This is a medium-high stretch, providing comfort stretch, and supreme recovery.

It boasts more apparel application compared to super high stretch. For example, you can try a slim jacket, mom jeans, flare jeans, tapered jeans, etc.

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