What Is Waxed Denim and Why So Popular Among Fashion Lovers?

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Assuming you’re interested in fashion, you’ve probably heard of waxed denim. Waxed denim, also called coated denim or oiled denim, has gained popularity in these years, because of its unique look and durability.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • What is waxed denim?
  • The history of waxed denim.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of waxed denim
  • Why So Popular Among Fashion Lovers?
  • How to style waxed denim?

Let’s start now!


What Is Waxed Denim?


Waxed denim is denim treated with a wax coating for a unique look and feel. Wax coatings can be used for raw denim or washed denim, as well as for the front and back of the fabric. Waxed denim shows many kinds of colors, but the most common colors are black, brown, and olive.

Paraffin, beeswax, and microcrystalline wax. These are the three kinds of waxes for waxed denim. Paraffin wax is the most common one for waxed denim production because it is low-cost and available. Beeswax is another choice due to its natural properties, but it is more expensive than paraffin. Microcrystalline Wax is a high-performance wax because it is durable and water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor clothing.

Waxed denim is made by applying a wax coating to denim. They may use different wax in the process of waxed denim. but mostly are paraffin or beeswax The wax is applied evenly on the fabric using a special machine that coats the wax on the fabric. The wax is then hot-pressed into the fabric to create an even coating.

If you’re still interested in how it is made, here are steps for your reference:

  1. Start with denim fabric
  2. Make sure the fabric is pre-washed and free of any dirt or stains
  3. Heating the wax until it becomes liquid(usually a mixture of paraffin and beeswax)
  4. Apply the wax evenly on the denim with a brush or roller
  5. Allow the wax to cool and harden on the fabric
  6. Polish the fabric to remove excess wax and make it smooth
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for additional layers of wax (depending on desired coating level)
  8. Heat-set the wax coat to ensure it is fully bonded to the denim.

The exact method used by different manufacturers may vary, but generally, this is how waxed denim is made.


The History of Waxed Denim


Waxed denim is a unique and durable denim that has lasted over a century. This fabric was invented in the late 1800s when sailors needed clothing that was not only durable but also waterproof. To meet this need, canvas, already water-resistant due to its wax coating, was used to make denim. Originally designed for work wear. Such as parkas, jackets, and pants. Early uses of waxed denim focused on utility rather than fashion. It was worn by sailors, fishermen, farmers, and other working-class people.

Over time, waxed denim became more fashionable and designers started using it for more upscale clothing. In the 1960s, waxed denim was associated with rebellious youth culture, and the fabric gained popularity as a symbol of countercultural fashion. With the rise of the punk movement in the ’70s, waxed denim came back into the limelight. In the 1990s, denim became the epitome of a more relaxed, casual style, with waxed denim jackets and jeans often found in grunge fashion.

Waxed denim is a popular choice for many designers and fashion houses these days. It is used to make a variety of clothing that is both stylish and functional. Common waxed denim styles nowadays: such as waxed stretch denim, which provide greater flexibility and comfort to the wearer. The evolution of waxed denim over time has proven its durability and versatility as a material.


Pros of Waxed Denim


  • Durable

Waxed denim is extremely durable and will last for many years if cared for properly. The wax coating adds an extra layer of protection to the fabric, making it resistant to dirt and water, etc.

  • Weather resistance

waxed denim is waterproof and windproof, which is an excellent choice for outdoor activities. The wax coating repels water and prevents the fabric from becoming saturated.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Waxed denim has a unique, rugged look that sets it apart from other types of denim. The wax coating gives the fabric a matte finish and a unique texture.

  • Versatility

Waxed denim is a versatile material that can be worn in all seasons. In winter, it protects you from bad weather, keeping you warm and dry. In the warmer months, you can still wear it comfortably because it is breathable.

  • Low Maintenance

The durability of waxed denim means it can withstand multiple washes without losing its texture and shape. The wax coating also acts as a barrier, making your clothing easier to clean and maintain.

  • Aging Gracefully

Over time, waxed denim evolves with wear, developing a unique patina that adds character and makes it more stylish. This quality makes waxed denim a durable investment that will even improve over time.


Cons of Waxed Denim


  • High cost

Waxed denim is expensive compared to other types of denim due to the extra production steps required to create the wax coating.

  • Care and Care

Waxed denim requires special care to maintain its wax coating and weather resistance. Wax wears off over time, so it is recommended to reapply wax as needed.

  • Limited Availability

Due to its special production process, waxed denim is not as widely available as other types of denim. It can be more challenging to find in traditional retail stores.

  • Limited color options

Waxed denim usually has limited color options. Many brands stick to classic colors like black and charcoal gray, which can limit options for shoppers looking for a bolder or brighter look.


Why So Popular Among Fashion Lovers?


Waxed denim has grown in popularity in the fashion world in recent years. It is often used to make jackets, trousers, and even skirts. Waxed denim adds an edgy, modern twist to traditional denim pieces for every occasion.

picture from www.ganni.com
picture from www.ganni.com


Popular uses for stylish waxed denim:

  • Jackets: Waxed denim jackets are a popular choice for stylish men and women. They have a rugged, edgy look and can be made from simple style or fashion one
  • Jeans: Waxed jeans are a stylish alternative to standard jeans. They have a unique texture and sheen that sets them apart from traditional denim.
  • Handbags and accessories: Designers are incorporating waxed denim into handbags, hats, and other fashion accessories to provide customers with weather-resistant and durable options.

Brands and designers using waxed denim in their collections:

  • G-Star Raw: This Dutch denim brand is known for incorporating sustainable and innovative fabrics into its collections, including waxed denim. If you want to know more about their waxed denim collections, you can click the link below:https://www.g-star.com/
  • Belstaff: Known for its luxurious outerwear, this British brand offers jackets and trousers made from high-quality waxed denim. If you want to know more about their waxed denim collections, you can click the link below:https://www.belstaff.com/row
  • Nudie Jeans: This Swedish brand offers a range of denim and other fabrics made from organic and sustainable materials, including waxed denim jackets. If you want to know more about their waxed denim collections, you can click the link below:https://www.nudiejeans.com/
  • Levi’s: The iconic American denim brand offers a variety of classic waxed denim styles, including trucker jackets and 501 jeans. If you want to know more about their waxed denim collections, you can click the link below:https://www.levi.com/global
  • Acne Studios: This Swedish label incorporates waxed denim into its collections, bringing a modern and edgy twist to traditional denim pieces. If you want to know more about their waxed denim collections, you can click the link below:https://www.acnestudios.com/


How to Style Waxed Denim?


How to match waxed denim with other clothes

  • Keep it simple: Because waxed denim already adds a unique texture, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Balance the crisp texture of yours with a plain T-shirt or sweater.
  • Add a pop of color: Waxed denim often comes in dark shades, so adding a pop of color to your garment can make it stand out. Consider adding a bright scarf or colorful shoes to spice up your look.
  • Mix and match textures: Waxed denim pairs well with other fabrics like leather, wool, and suede. Experiment with different textures to create unique and stylish outfits.
  • Layering: Waxed denim jackets are a popular choice for layering. Wear it with a hoodie or sweater for a rugged look.


Formal or dress-waxed denim for different occasions

  • Casual: Waxed denim is perfect for everyday wear. Team it with a simple tee and sneakers for an edgy casual look.
  • Evening: For an evening out, pair waxed denim with a sleek sweater or shirt and heeled boots or pumps. This combo is perfect for date night or a night out with the girls.
  • Office: Waxed denim can even work in a professional setting. Team it with a fitted blazer and heels to make it work-friendly. Balance the edgy feel of the denim with minimal other clothing.




To sum up, waxed denim is a unique and durable denim that has become a popular fabric in the fashion industry for its unique texture and flexibility in many styles. While it may be more expensive and requires special care, its weather resistance and aesthetics make it a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

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