The Best Sewing Machine and Needle for Working with Denim

The Best Sewing Machine and Needle for Working with Denim

Sewing denim may be a heavy project, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can become easier. One of the most important things needs to consider is that choosing the right sewing machine and sewing needle. In this article, we will discuss the main factors that need to consider when choosing a denim sewing machine and needle, recommended denim sewing machines, the best denim sewing machine needles, and tips for working with denim.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Denim Sewing Machine


  • Strength

When selecting a sewing machine for your denim projects, it is critical to find one that can handle the strength of this strong fabric. Denim is a heavy, durable material, and working with it can put stress on your sewing machine. A machine with a powerful motor is essential as it can handle thicker and heavier layers of denim without compromising stitch quality. So look for a machine with at least a 1.0 amp motor, which provides enough power to sew heavier fabrics smoothly.

  • Sewing Ability

When working with denim, creating strong seams that can withstand wear and tear is critical. This fabric is very strong, and weak seams can quickly cause the garment to tear. It is crucial to choose a sewing machine that offers a range of stitch patterns, especially zigzag and straight stitches. These stitches will provide strength and durability to your seams, and you can adjust stitch length and width to suit your project needs. A machine with double needle capability is also desirable for creating more professional hems.

  • Durability

When choosing a machine for sewing denim, it is better to choose one that can withstand the rigors of this heavy-duty fabric. Metal parts are generally more durable than plastic parts, so look for machines with metal gears and other metal parts. Heavy-duty aluminum alloy components are also a suitable choice as they are strong and lightweight. Additionally, a sewing machine with a sturdy and well-balanced frame is quite important so that the machine will not wobble or wobble while sewing denim, and then it provides you with greater precision and quality in your sewing.


What Is the Best Sewing Machine for Denim?


  • Singer Heavy Duty 4452

The Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is undoubtedly one of the best denim sewing machines. Designed for heavy-duty projects, this machine can easily sew multiple layers of denim thanks to its powerful motor and stainless steel bottom plate that provides a smooth work surface. It also features adjustable presser foot pressure, which helps control the feeding of the fabric through the machine, ensuring even and consistent stitches on denim. With a sewing speed of up to 1,100 stitches per minute, the 4452 makes your sewing projects fast and efficient.



  • Janome HD3000

The Janome HD-3000 is a heavy-duty sewing machine that can handle heavy fabrics including denim. The machine is built to last, with a solid aluminum exterior and a solid metal inner frame. In addition, it also has an automatic needle threader, which saves a lot of time and trouble when threading needles. The HD3000 also boasts 18 built-in stitches and one-step buttonholing, making it a versatile machine for a variety of project types. The machine’s built-in threader and top-loading spool system also allow for easy loading and unloading success combinations.



  • Brother ST371HD

The Brother ST371HD is a versatile and powerful sewing machine that can handle a variety of different fabrics, including denim. It features a unique metal needle plate for smooth sewing on even the thickest fabrics. One of the standout features of the ST371HD is the variety of stitching patterns that allow the flexibility to perform a variety of sewing projects, including quilting and decorative stitching. It has a jam-resistant QuickSet top-entry spool system, which also saves time. The machine’s adjustable presser foot offers the option to apply enough pressure to evenly feed fabrics from fine silks to heavy denim. In addition, the ST371HD has a sewing speed of up to 800 stitches per minute, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your sewing projects.




What Sewing Machine Needle to Use for Denim?


To know what sewing needles are suitable for denim, you need to know the following types of sewing machine needles.

  • Needle size

Choosing the correct needle size is critical for the best results when sewing denim. The thickness and diameter of the shaft are important points for the needle used for denim. Using a thin needle with a smaller diameter can result in skipped and broken needles. Therefore, for thicker fabrics such as denim, canvas, or leather, a larger gauge needle must be used, usually sizes from 90/14 to 110/18. The larger needles can easily penetrate the fabric, creating an even and strong stitch without breaking or damaging the needle.

  • Needle type

Selecting the suitable needle type is not only for the correct size but also includes the intended use of the needle. While general-purpose needles can handle a variety of fabrics, including denim, other needles are designed specifically for specific fabrics. Denim needles, for example, have improved sharp tips that can penetrate tough layers of fabric while minimizing damage to the material. Leather needles, on the other hand, have wedge-shaped prongs that create stable holes in leather and vinyl. In addition, the slightly rounded tip of the knitting needle prevents snagging or punching holes in the knitted fabric.

  • Needle point shape

Needlepoint shape affects stitch quality and how well the needle penetrates the fabric. Choosing the correct tip shape can improve your sewing efficiency and make your work more precise. For denim, the pointed end is best for allowing the needle to penetrate the layers of the fabric. The needle’s long, pointed tip also reduces damage to the fabric, preventing fraying or wrinkling. Rounded tips, on the other hand, work well with knitted or stretchy fabrics. The rounded tip has a more non-invasive quality, reducing the risk of damaging the structure of knitted fabrics. Meanwhile, the wedge or leather point is designed to separate the fibers of the leather fabric, creating clean, even holes, making it an excellent choice for leather, vinyl, and other thick materials. When choosing a needle point for your project, it is important to consider fabric type and thickness to ensure the best results.


Best Sewing Machine Needles for Denim


  • 90/14 Gauge Denim Needles

These needles have a sharp point and a durable shaft to handle thicker fabrics like denim.

  • 100/16 Denim Needles

These needles are stronger than 90/14 needles and are best for very thick layers of fabric or denim.


Tips for Working With Denim


A key tip in working with denim is to use strong, durable stitches.

For this, it is recommended to use straight or zigzag stitches on a sewing machine. Since denim is a tough fabric, strong stitches are essential to ensure the longevity and durability of your sewing projects. Plus, using a denim needle specifically designed to pierce through tough fabrics like denim will help prevent breakage and ensure a smooth, even seam. Sew slowly and adjust seam tension to also help reduce the risk of wrinkling or uneven stitching, ensuring a professional-looking finished project.

Denim is a strong, thick fabric that will put extra strain on your sewing machine.

Therefore, proper machine care and maintenance are essential to keep machines working efficiently and prevent wear and tear. Regular cleaning and oiling can greatly extend the life of the machine and minimize breakdowns. It is recommended to remove any dust or debris from the sewing machine and to oil the moving parts of the machine. Also, check the machine’s needle plate and bobbin case for lint buildup. Lint can cause machine jams, inconsistent seaming, or uneven stitches. Finally, remember to follow your machine manufacturer’s maintenance and upkeep recommendations to keep your machine running at its best.




Choosing a quality sewing machine and proper sewing needle for denim is very important to ensure a successful and long-lasting project. Consider your machine’s power, sewing ability, and durability when choosing. Also, use the correct size and type of needle for denim, sewing technique, and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your machine.



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