Rigid Denim vs Stretch Denim

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What’s the difference between rigid denim and stretch denim?

Let’s dig a bit deeper to find your style.


What Is Rigid Denim?


Denim fabrics that weigh between 10 ounces and 12.5 ounces and have no or slight stretch can be considered rigid denim.

Rigid denim usually utilizes fabric which owns low elasticity or even no to make mom jeans or boyfriend jeans.

In the beginning, rigid denim is made with 100% cotton. But as time goes by, we can use 97% cotton mix with 3% polyester to adjust the degree of comfort. So that the denim fabric will not be as stiff as cardboard and need more time to flex and bend as your will.

The usual weight of rigid denim should be from 10oz to 12.5oz. Some even can reach 22oz! With low elasticity, people may find it hard to wear rigid denim jeans at first, but when you fit right into them the shape of the rigid denim jeans can not be easily changed. People who love rigid denim fabric make jeans also because of their durability.

But people who love sports or moving around may find it hard to understand the idea of rigid denim. If you are a person who prioritizes comfortable-feeling fabric, we suggest you choose Stretch denim jeans.


What Is Stretch Denim?


  • 15%-85% elasticity

In the last 50s, when spandex come into sight, fabric manufacturers began to mix the new fiber with cotton to make their new fabric, of course including denim.

Stretch denim should have at least 15 to 20% elasticity and some high-stretch denim may reach 60% to 85% elasticity.

Stretch denim is very popular now not only due to its high elasticity and comfort to the body right away, moreover, but it is also well-known for its softness and features of easy-fit to any body figure.

  • Versatile, Fulfill More Fashion Style

Stretch denim can fit into many fashion styles.

Especially the sport plus denim style idea lately, can capture most young and energetic sports lovers’ hearts. They can wear high-stretch denim jeans to go hiking, biking, and even boating.


Different Customer Base


Rigid denim is a customized fit in the long run. That means you need to know your customer very well before crafting an ideal personally rigid denim.

For stretch denim, owing to the feature of elasticity, you can be less specific about your customer, just need to know the group of people you are facing.

After knowing the difference between rigid denim and stretch denim, which do you prefer?

I am a big fan of rigid denim.

What about you?

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