Unique Velvety Midnight Black High Stretch Denim Fabric


  • Midnight black black
  • 10.2oz b/w  I  12.0oz a/w  I  62/63 inch
  • 3/1 RHT, rain slub
  • Elasticity (%): 52±5
  • 66%cotton,22%polyester,5%PTT,2.5%rayon,3%spandex


  • Velvety Midnight Black
  • Cloud Soft Yarn™. Ultra soft and velvety cotton feel.
  • Elegant rain slub.
  • Dual-core yarn. Reduce 50% yarn slippage.
  • 60±5% elasticity with supreme recovery.

Velvety Midnight Black

Premium Special Midnight Black Stretch Denim
Premium Midnight Black Stretch Denim

Black is a versatile denim color and stay popular since its first introduction in the late 1950s. There are different blacks on the market. Sulfur black, jet black, and blue-black are seen quite often in black denim.

We get inspiration from the midnight, develop and apply an exclusive new black to BT1067. Unlike the bright and extra black like jet black or the black with a slight blue tone, BT1067 owns a looming gray tone and velvety black. It owns supreme color fastness and stays pure black no matter in a heavy or light wash. Especially ideal for garment wash or light enzyme wash.




Cloud Soft Yarn™ Velvety Cotton Feel & Ultra Soft

As known, twist level is the key point to determine the fabric hand feel.

We get inspiration from knit denim and apply a similar twist level to BT1067.

It offers a supreme softness, comfort, and rich cotton feel than regular open-end or ring yarn. Ideal for lady skinny or slim fit.





Elegant Rain Slub

Premium Special Midnight Black Stretch Denim Cloth BT1067 (2)
Premium Midnight Black Stretch Denim

BT1067 utilizes high-density slim rain slub, while normally manufacturers adopt slight slub or pure twill without slub in black denim.

The high-density rain slub leads to a textured touching and looming slub surface after washing. Stylish, vintage, and slights of mystery.




Dual-Core Yarn Reduce Yarn-slippage by 50%

Two problems often occurred with high-stretch jeans. Good stretch, but poor recovery ability and easy loos elastic along the seam. To greatly prevent this problem, we involve a unique stretch yarn of BT1067. It is wrapped with one spandex and one PTT filament in one stretch yarn while mostly stretch denim utilizes single-core stretch yarn. The main benefits we get from utilizing dual-core stretch yarn are:

  • Offer tougher while also higher stretch. More ideal for shaping jeans.
  • Offer stable stretch performance in washing. Reduce 50% yarn slippage.

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