Soft And Warm Brushed Velvety Denim Fabric with Classic Slub


  • Rope dyed blue gray, mixty gray
  • 10.8 oz b/w  I  13.6 oz a/w  I  57/58 inch
  • 3/1 Z twill, classic slub
  • Elasticity (%): maximum 50% elasticity
  • 64%cotton,17%polyester,15%cashmere-intimated,5%rayon,2.5%spandex


  • Super warm.
  • Dual-core yarn provides stable stretch and washing performance.
  • Premium velvety fleecing touch
  • Cloud Soft Yarn™ provides ultra soft and comfortable wearing experience.
  • Rope dyed blue grey.

Premium Winter Denim&Super Warm

CT840 owns brilliant warm insulation performance as bonded denim, while much better than regular brushed denim.

It applies innovative fiber and experienced brushing, which locks plenty of static air.

By creating an air consultation barrier between fabric and skin, it can effectively prevent heat loss.





Utilization of Dual-Core Yarn

The application of dual-core yarn contributes a lot to the fabric performance of CT840.

Mainly as:

  • Higher stretch. High-intensity of brushing easily causes a bad influence on the stretch yarn. Thus we apply one more PTT filament wrapped in the yarn, to make the stretch yarn more powerful against the high-sensitive brushing.
  • More stable stretch. The extra core of yarn leads to a more stable stretch performance. Greatly prevent a baggy or saggy look. Effectively keep the jean shape after wearing.
  • More stable washing performance. Effectively prevent loose-seam problems after washing.



Premium Velvety Fleecing Touch

Soft And Warm Brushed Velvety Denim Fabric with Classic Slub
Soft Warm Brushed Velvety Denim Fabric 

CT840 applies a specially developed weft yarn and is weaved in denim before brushing. Main features of this yarn:

  • Longer fiber staple than normal. It’s the key element why CT840 owns premium velvety fleecing touching.
  • Thicker yarn count than normal. It makes denim’s backside get more high-intense of fleecing touching.
  • Stable stretch and washing performance. The yarn is in dual-core status, that is, it owns one more PTT filament than normal. Help to craft stable stretch and washing performance. Effectively prevent baggy, saggy, and loose-sem problems.


Utilization of Cloud Soft Yarn

CT840 utilizes Cloud Soft Yarn in the warp.

Cloud Soft Yarn™ owns a lower twist level and better cotton grade.

That is the reason why it has ultra-soft touching, velvety cotton feel land better color performance.

It’s perfect for next-to-skin jeans.


Rope Dyed Blue Grey

Soft And Warm Brushed Velvety Denim Fabric with Classic Slub
Brushed Velvety Denim Fabric

CT840 is crafted by rope dyeing.

It owns saturated blue-grey, pure and clean.

After fading, it owns naturally high contrast.

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