Best-seller 6 Colors Medium Stretch Denim For Gent Jean


  • Dark blue
  • 11.1oz b/w  I  70/71 inch
  • 3/1 RHT with no slub
  • 30% elasticity, medium stretch
  • 71%C, 25.8%T, 1.4%R,1.8%SP


  • Most-adaptable weight for gent jean.
  • Medium stretch, more possible fit
  • Six colors of same quality of on stock.
  • Small MOQ and short lead time.

Most-Adaptable Weight for Gent Jean

Best-seller 6 Colors Medium Stretch Denim For Gent Jean
Best-seller 6 Colors Medium Stretch Denim For Gent Jean

99066F-1 weights 11.1oz before wash and weights 13.3oz after wash.

This is the most-adaptable weight for gent jeans.






Medium Stretch

99066F-1 owns a maximum of 30% elasticity. It offers medium comfort stretch which is ideal to boost apparel design than higher stretch denim. For example,

  • Light wash, no rips, straight-leg gent jeans, for business casual style.
  • Medium enzyme wash, no rips, cargo jeans. Workwear style, which was originally designed for rough work environments and outdoor activities. Now it has become part of the fashion
  • Dark/medium/light wash, slim fit denim jacket. Neutral style.
  • Applied with printing, dark wash, mini denim skirt. Playful, cut, and stylish.



Six Colors


This denim collection has 6 colors of the same quality, including dark blue, blue-grey, black, black black, grey, and bright blue.

Colors like dark blue, blue grey, black and black are basic colors and are often used in gent jeans.

Bright blue and grey are two stylish colors we also offer in the same collection.

If you want to get pure grey, why not try grey rather than get from fading black?

Regarding bright blue, more apparel designs are worth a try. Imagine a stylish jacket with crease marks, acid wash, and some paint splatters applied to this highly saturated bright blue, it would be your stylish piece in the wardrobe.



Small MOQ & Short Lead Time

99066F-1 with the other five colors produced before the order is confirmed.

These long-running items normally have enough quantity to cover order needs and can dispatch within one week.

This production strategy helps garment factories and fabric wholesalers to be more quick-response to the market.

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