85% Elasticity Supreme Recovery Denim Fabric for All Sizes


  • Dark blue
  • 10.1oz b/w  I  12.0oz a/w  I  58/59 inch
  • 3/1 RHT, slight slub
  • Elasticity (%): 80±5
  • 72%cotton,24%polyester(include PPT),4%spandex


  • Cloud Soft Yarn™. Super soft and comfortable.
  • 85% elasticity. One fabric for three sizes.
  • Unparalleled stretch powered by tripe-core yarn.
  • More competitive price than lycra.

Super Soft & Comfortable

AT1058 owns lower twist level, that is, it has softer and more comfortable hand feel than normal denim made with open-end or ring yarn.

Velvety smooth to the touch, and full of cotton feel from inner side. Ideal for lady skinny or slim fit.

Apart from its ultra softness, the denim surface of AT1058 stays clear and crisp while most denim with low twist level get a blurry surface.



85% Elasticity:One Fabric for Three Sizes

As a consumer, you may have encountered a similar problem: Sometimes when you are purchasing a pair of jean, you need spend several times buy-return-buy-return actions before making it enter into your wardrobe. Most of this selection process is due to it’s hard to find a jean with perfect fit or size for you at one time.What if we could solve or greatly improve the problem?

AT1058 owns maximum 85% elasticity while most of the high-elastic denim fabrics currently on the market have 50-60%. The 85% elasticity ensure the denim suitable for different body features or different sizes. Greatly solve the annoying return-buy-return online jean-purchasing.Moreover, AT1058 is ideal for high intensity movements, e.g. balleting, jogging and hiking.Try switch it freely between daily dress to sporting.



Tripe-Core Yarn Technology

Higher elasticity, on the other hand, means more risk of yarn slippage, especially when sewing with low density along seam.

AT1058 utilizes a unique triped-core yarn, in which two spandex and one PTT filament wrapped inside in one stretch yarn.

Compared to single core yarn which applied mostly in stretch denim, it can reduce 70% yarn slippage, greatly reduce loose-seam problem.

Also, more spandex involved means more stable stretch performance during high intensity movenment, greatly prevent baggy or saggy problem. No need to worry about it can’t stay its shape after a few movements.




More Competitive Price Than Lycra

As known, lycra has incomparable advantages that normal spandex doesn’t have: better elasticity, excellent resilience, and 1/3 lighter weight. The only weak point lies in its expensive price.

The tripe-core yarn utilized in AT1058, owns more competitive price than lycra while also stay supreme stretch and recovery ability. From this point, fabric cost can cut down over 10% while still utilizing high-performance denim fabric.

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