Is Denim a Good Upholstery Fabric?

Is Denim a Good Upholstery Fabric?
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When we talk about denim fabric, the first thing that can come to your mind is jeans fabric, this tradition started in the 1800s. But further, before the first jeans were made, this heavy, sturdy, power and cotton made twill weave fabric was mainly used to make tents or covers of station wagons. With this history, I will count this as one of the persuasive reasons why people ask for denim fabric for upholstery. And I can confirm people will not be surprised when denim fabric is now deep into the interior design world.

In this article, we will be focusing on the following aspects:

  • Is denim a good upholstery fabric?
  • Pros and cons about denim fabric for upholstery.
  • How to choose the right denim fabric for upholstery.
  • Samples of denim fabric used in the interior design world.


Is Denim a Good Upholstery Fabric?


Choosing the right upholstery fabric is crucial when designing and furnishing our living spaces. Upholstery fabrics are materials that cover furniture, providing desired texture, color, and style. Denim is an increasingly popular decorative fabric. We are all familiar with denim as a popular clothing material. But is it a good choice for upholstery fabric?

The answer is Yes!

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For a died hard denim fan, wearing jeans every day may not be able to express their love to denim let alone this favorite indigo blue the thickness is perfect for blocking lights and giving people more privacy when using it as curtains and blinds.

And don’t forget the most adorable feature is indigo blue is so good at matching with other colors. The light wash can show us the sky blue color, which can make your home warm, sweet, and full of imagination. In a dark wash, this indigo blue will appear to the feeling of calm, steady, and textured. People can choose the right blue color to decorate their homes, making their statement in their territory.

If the above two reasons for denim being a good upholstery fabric did not persuade you, or make you feel like I am pushing sales, let’s read more! Below we listed the pros and cons of denim as an upholstery fabric. Let’s read some bad news first to see if you can overcome these three cons of denim as an upholstery fabric.


Disadvantages of Using Denim as Decorative Fabric


  • Limited color and design options

One of the main downsides to using denim as an upholstery fabric is that it doesn’t come in as many color options as other fabrics. Denim usually has blue or black shades, limiting the range of colors available for trim. Additionally, it is difficult to achieve printed designs on denim, further limiting the design possibilities.

  • Not stain-resistant

Denim is not stain-resistant, and certain types of stains, such as oil stains, are not easy to remove. This can be a problem for households with children or pets, where spills and stains are unavoidable.

  • Easy to fade

Denim is easy to fade, especially in direct sunlight. Although people may like the vintage style for jeans, when it comes to home decoration people tend to have their home look clean, refreshing, and new as first brought. Denim’s deadly shortcoming is that continued exposure to sunlight can cause the fabric to fade faster and losing the original color may cause it less attractive than the new one.


Advantages of Using Denim as Upholstery Fabric


  • Durability and Strength

One of the biggest advantages of denim fabric is its durability and strength. When people choose a sofa in the living room, for example, they tend to choose a durable material that can last for more than 5 to 10 years. Denim is a woven fabric tightly woven mainly made of cotton, so it is very strong and wear-resistant. It’s a popular choice as a denim fabric because of its ability to withstand frequent washing and daily usage. This durability also makes it ideal for interior decoration, especially in living rooms and family rooms where people spend most of their time.

  • Easy maintenance

Another advantage of using denim as an upholstery fabric is its ease of care. Denim is machine washable without any special treatment, making it easy to clean and maintain. This is important in homes with kids and pets, where spills and stains happen every day.

  • Versatility

Denim is a versatile fabric that can be easily incorporated into various interior decorating styles. It comes in different styles and shades, from light to dark color transit. Plus, denim is easy to mix and match with other colors, opening up opportunities for customization and design.


How to Choose the Right Denim for Upholstery Fabrics?


  • Weight and thickness

When choosing denim as an upholstery fabric, it is important to consider its weight and thickness. Heavier denim with a higher thread count will be more durable and strong, making it suitable for upholstery.

  • Weave method


Weave method
Weave method


The weave method of denim determines its texture and appearance. Twill, the most common fabric for denim, has a twill pattern and a rugged look. Plain weave is also used in denim, providing a smoother, lighter texture. Different weaving methods can create different hand feel of denim. Tips: If you enjoy the rough feel of denim fabric, but also want to maintain a soft and comfortable hand feel, then you can go for a 3/1 S twill weave.

  • Treatment

To enhance the wear resistance and stain resistance of denim, various finishing treatments such as waterproof, antistatic, and flame retardant can be carried out.


Examples of Denim Decoration


  • Selection of Denim Furniture

Denim upholstery can be used on different kinds of furniture such as sofas, chairs, throw pillows, and ottomans. A denim sofa paired with colorful throw pillows can create a bold and unique statement in a living room.

  • Denim Trim

Denim can also be used as a trim fabric for home decorations such as blankets, curtains, and wall hangings. These pieces can feed your feel of whimsy and a touch of rustic charm to any room. People may wonder where are all the denim jeans pockets go after the jeans recycled. Yes, you know the answer! Carpets, noon nap blankets, and the most creative one framing fashion, to memorize your or your children’s first tiny jeans you brought for him/her.




Denim is a popular and versatile fabric that can be used for upholstery. When choosing denim fabric as an upholstery fabric, it’s important to consider both its pros and cons. Durable, easy-care, and versatile, denim is ideal for upholstery. However, its limited color and design options, lack of stain resistance, and tendency to fade should also be considered.

Denim for upholstery should have the right weight and thickness, weave, and treatment to enhance its durability and stain resistance. When used creatively, denim upholstery can add a unique and charming touch to any home decoration project.

That’s all for today’s sharing, hope you enjoy the reading with Zeva Denim. Do share some of your ideas with us or share our article with your friends.

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