How Does Our Customization Service Work to Grow Mr.Kim’s Brand?

Step 1 Consultation

Mr. Kim, a Korean brand of ladies garment, consult us with two denim samples. After consultation, we get key points:

-Skinny jeans for winter.

-Weight and elasticity should be same.

-Improve the brushing effect, should perform better than his samples.

-Three colors needed: blue grey/white, blue grey/grass green,black/black.


Step 2 Analysis

R&D specialists analyze the samples and update to our denim sales specialist for further quotation.


Step 3 Quotation

Quotation was made accordingly, including price based on four different quality conditions, key data (weight, width, construction, etc.). Suggestions and remarks about these choices also included.

As followed:

-8*10/70TR, 150cm width, brushed after desizing.

 (most economical and same quality as sample).

-8*10/70TR dual core, others same.

(perform more stable in washing than #1.).

-8*450 high F, brushed before desizing, 12 times brushed.

(higher cost than #1, lush brushy and more comfort touching).  

-8*12/55 cotton blended special hollow fiber

(most expensive and premium. Capture warmth, +1~2°C warmer, cashmere-like soft)


 Step 4 Sample making and confirmation

Mr Kim checked quotation and choose #2,#3 and #4, prefer to make further decision after checking these samples. Five meters each needed. We made samples using weaving beams with similar density as samples. We made within 5 days and sent for check. After wash, he chose #4 but preferred a more stretchable one. We revised accordingly and sent again.


Step 5 Bulk production

Mr. Kim checked after washing and satisfied with the quality. He discussed further details with us, like price, lead time, package and shipment. After confirm, we made PI, received deposit and started bulk production. Quality inspections are practiced from yarn to finished fabric by our specialists from QC Department. We kept Mr. Kim updated about the whole production at this period.


Step 6 Shipment

Production finished, we took the last round of quality inspection based on American 4 point system and make quality report. Pack fabric with plastic bag and ready for shipment. We got balance payment from Mr Kim, did loading task and shipped.




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