Denim Twill VS Cotton Twill

Denim Twill VS Cotton Twill

Cotton twill and denim fabrics are undoubtedly two textiles that most of us are familiar with. What is the difference between cotton denim and cotton twill? People may not be able to answer this question. They look similar and are commonly used in clothing and home decoration, but there is a difference between them. In this article, we will explore the following aspects:

  • What’sthe difference between cotton twill and cotton denim fabrics?
  • What are the manufacturing processes of denim twill fabric?
  • What is the main characteristic of denim cotton twill fabric?

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What is the Difference Between Cotton Twill and Cotton Denim Fabrics?


Twill is a woven fabric that creates a diagonal pattern on the fabric. The weave is formed by passing the weft yarn through one or more warp yarns and then under two or more warp yarns, forming a diagonal. The word “twill” comes from the Old English word “twill”, which means to weave with thread. The production technique of twill may have originated in ancient Iran, where it was used to create some intricate patterns on textiles.

What is the Difference Between Cotton Twill and Cotton Denim Fabrics
What is the Difference Between Cotton Twill and Cotton Denim Fabrics


Twill fabrics are durable and generally less prone to wrinkling. Twill fabric can be woven by many different kinds of fiber-made thread, including cotton, wool, silk, and polyester. Throughout history, twill fabrics have been used in a variety of apparel, home decoration, and industrial applications.

  • Fabric composition

Cotton twill and denim are both woven with a twill weave, but the composition of the two fabrics is different. Just like the name suggested, cotton twill fabric is spun from cotton-made fibers into yarns and then woven into fabrics. The cotton fiber used in pure cotton twill is usually long-staple cotton, which makes the fabric smoother and less prone to pilling. Denim, on the other hand, is mainly made from cotton fibers that are twisted and woven into a durable fabric. The yarns used in denim are generally thicker and stronger than those used in cotton twill.

  • Appearance

The difference in appearance is also one of the main ways to distinguish cotton twill from denim twill fabric. The cotton twill has a smooth finish and a soft feel. It’s also lighter than denim. Denim, on the other hand, has a coarser texture and is heavier than cotton twill. It has a vibrant blue color and is often used on jeans. Cotton twill feels smooth and soft to the touch, and the twill is more concealed than denim. Denim, on the other hand, has a unique rugged texture and weight, and the twill pattern is more prominent.

Cotton twill fabric may use high yarn count fiber in the weaving process, but cotton denim twill may prefer lower yarn count fiber to produce a rougher appearance. This is also one of the reasons why you can identify most of the cotton twill fabric and cotton denim twill fabric.

  • Durability and strength

Although cotton twill and denim are both durable and strong, denim is generally considered more durable. The strong and wear-resistant nature of denim has become the first choice for people to choose work clothes and other clothing that require high wear resistance. Cotton twill isn’t as durable as denim, but it’s a more popular choice for more formal clothing. Cotton twill’s smooth surface and comfortable soft hand feel make it the best choice for dress pants, jackets, and shirts.

  • Comfortable and soft

The smooth and soft feel of cotton twill after finishing treatment makes it more comfortable and more acceptable to the public than denim with a slightly rougher texture. In other words, according to the count, density, and weight of the denim fabric, you can find soft and comfortable denim products.

  • Practical application

Cotton twill is practically used to make more formal trousers and jackets, but also household items such as curtains, upholstery, and tablecloths. But denim, the most commonly made products are jeans, jackets, and overalls. Denim is the work wear of choice for a variety of industries due to its durability and abrasion resistance.

Cotton twill and denim may share the same weaving method and patterns, but they differ in composition, appearance, and practical application. Cotton twill is known for its smooth finish, soft feel, and ease of use in more delicate garments and denim is better to make work wear, jeans, and jackets.

Now let’s focus on our professional area of denim fabric. We will have a brief introduction to the manufacture of denim fabric. Let’s see how denim cotton twill was produced.


What Are the Manufacturing Processes of Denim Twill Fabric?


  • Manufacture of Denim Cotton Twill

There’s no doubt that cotton fiber is one of the most widely used natural fibers in the world. It is a soft, fluffy, and extremely versatile material that is grown all over the world. Cotton plants need warm temperatures and full sunlight to grow. After harvesting, the cotton fibers are washed, sorted, and processed into yarn.

  • Cotton spinning and weaving

Once the cotton fibers are processed into yarn, they are spun onto bobbins by spinning machines. The bobbin is then placed on a loom to weave the cotton yarn into the fabric. There are two main types of weaving methods: plain weave and twill weave.

  • Introduction of twill weave

A twill weave is a weave that creates a diagonal pattern on the fabric. This method of weaving is accomplished by weaving multiple warp yarns over one or more weft yarns. The characteristic twill pattern of denim cotton twill is created with this weaving method as we said in the first part of this article.

  • Innovative processes for denim production

Over the years, several innovative processes have been developed to enhance the properties of denim cotton twill. One such process is mercerizing, which involves treating cotton with chemicals to create a stronger, smoother, and more lustrous fabric. Another commonly used process is shrinking, which involves pre-shrinking the fabric before it is sold to prevent it from shrinking when it is washed.


Main Characteristics of Denim Cotton Twill Fabric


  • Durability and Strength

As one of the kinds of cotton twill fabric, cotton denim twill is known for its durability and strength. It’s woven in a diagonal pattern to create a tear- and abrasion-resistant fabric. Additionally, the cotton fiber used to make denim is one of the strongest natural fibers available, making denim cotton twill an extremely tough and durable fabric.

  • Comfort and Breathability

Although denim cotton twill is known for being a durable fabric, it’s also comfortable to wear. Cotton fibers are soft and breathable, making denim cotton twill a comfortable fabric to wear all year round.

  • Aesthetic features




Denim cotton twill is known for its unique aesthetic features. The characteristic diagonal pattern of the fabric gives it a unique look that is instantly recognizable. In addition, denim has different high and low shades of blue created by different washing methods, and is also compatible with dyeing to other colors, making it versatile and suitable for various fashion applications.


People Also Ask


  • Is Cotton Twill the Same as Denim?

No, cotton twill is not the same as denim. Both are made with a twill weave, but denim is a specific type of cotton twill known for its diagonal ribbing, typically dyed with indigo for blue jeans.

  • Which is Better, Cotton or Twill?

“Better” depends on the use. Pure cotton is soft and breathable, ideal for a variety of garments. Twill, which can be made from cotton, is durable and drapes well, making it good for more structured clothing like jeans and jackets.

  • What is Twill Denim?

Twill denim is a type of fabric made using a twill weave technique. It’s characterized by diagonal ribbing and is typically made from cotton. This is the traditional weave used for making classic denim jeans.

  • What is the Difference Between Cotton Denim and Cotton Twill?
    • Cotton Denim: A specific type of cotton twill known for its durability, diagonal weave, and typically dyed blue for jeans.
    • Cotton Twill: A broader category of fabric with a diagonal weave. It can vary in weight and finish and is used for a variety of garments, not just jeans.


  • What is the Difference Between a Twill Jacket and a Denim Jacket?

A twill jacket is made from twill fabric which can be cotton or a blend. A denim jacket is specifically made from denim, a type of cotton twill known for its durability and unique blue color.

  • What are the Different Types of Twill Denim?

Different types of twill denim include:

    • Standard Twill: The classic denim with a diagonal weave.
    • Broken Twill: Zigzag pattern weave, prevents twisting and skewing.
    • Herringbone Twill: A pattern of parallel diagonal ribs, resembling a fish skeleton.
    • Stretch Denim: Twill denim blended with elastic fibers like elastane for stretch.
    • You can click “An In-Depth Guide To Stretch Twill: Understanding Its Properties“to learn more!


Write at the End


In this article, we not only know the what are the differences between cotton twill fabrics and denim twill fabric. Cotton twill fabrics are denim twill fabrics. They share the same weaving pattern but due to the differences in fabric compositions, lead to various appearance, durability, and strength, the hand feels of fabrics, and the usage of the fabric.

We walk you through the production procedure of a denim twill fabric as this is what Zeva Denim is doing in the last decade, and we will continue our great work to bring the denim world more colorful joy. You can click here to know more about the manufacturing process of denim.

Hope you are learning something from our blog, and if you like this article, please leave us a comment. Remember sharing is caring, share our article with your friend so that we can grow together!

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