A Buyer’s Blueprint: Navigating Success at EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024


In the vibrant world of industry exhibitions, EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024 emerges as a pivotal event for buyers seeking to stay at the forefront of their respective sectors. This comprehensive guide is tailored for buyers planning to attend the upcoming exhibition, providing a strategic roadmap for navigating the dynamic landscape effectively.

EXPO PRODUCCIÓN® es la plataforma para contactar y conocer fabricantes, marcas, minoristas y proveedores, así como para aprender sobre las últimas tendencias, productos e innovaciones que están dentro de la industria textil.




This article provides a comprehensive guide for buyers who plan to attend the coming exhibition.

By covering the following topics:

  • Why Should Attend EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024?
  • Basic Information You Must Know: Time, location, and basic data of the exhibition
  • Pre-Exhibition Preparations: Building the Foundation for Success
  • Navigating the Exhibition: A Tactical Approach for Buyers
  • Optimizing Procurement: Making Informed Decisions at EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024
  • Staying Informed: Keeping Pace with Industry Trends
  • Post-Exhibition Action Plan: Turning Opportunities into Tangible Results
  • Tips for Attending: Registration, parking, dining, and on-site activities
  • Find Desired Products: 7 strategies to streamline the search
  • We’re Exhibiting Too! Where to find us?


Why Should Attend EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024?


EXPO PRODUCCIÓN® provides a vital, professional platform for manufacturers, brands, retailers, and suppliers to connect, network, and learn about the newest trends, products, and innovations impacting the industry.

Exhibitors offered products, services, and equipment for the following areas of the fashion, home, and technical textiles industries:

  • Computer Software / Information Technology
  • Contract Manufacturing (Full Package / Private Label)
  • Cutting & Sewing Equipment
  • Distributor / Wholesaler
  • Fabrics
  • Fibers & Yarns
  • Findings / Trims
  • Nonwovens
  • Research & Development
  • Services & Logistics
  • Supplies
  • Textile Machinery
  • Associations / Academia
  • Publications


Basic Information You Must Know


Before attending the exhibition, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the event to make your experience more enjoyable and productive.

  • When and Where

Date : Miércoles 20 a viernes 22 de Marzo 2024.

Venue : WTC,Ciudad de México

Opening Hours : 12:00 a 19:00 hrs.

  • Website & Organizer

Website: https://www.expoproduccion.mx/es

EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024 Organizer
EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024 Organizer



Pre-Exhibition Preparations: Building the Foundation for Success


Before stepping onto the exhibition floor, buyers must establish clear goals and objectives. Define what you aim to achieve – whether it’s sourcing new suppliers, exploring innovative products, or staying updated on industry trends.

Researching exhibitors is the next crucial step. Create a personalized itinerary based on your objectives, ensuring that your time at EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024 is well-spent. Craft a strategic plan to maximize resources and navigate the exhibition floor efficiently.


Navigating the Exhibition: A Tactical Approach for Buyers


Efficient floor navigation is key for buyers looking to make the most out of their EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024 experience. Tailor your approach to focus on pavilions and booths that align with your interests and objectives. Engage in specialized sessions and workshops to gain in-depth insights into the industry.

Strategic networking is an essential component of a buyer’s success at the exhibition. Develop a clear networking strategy, ensuring meaningful connections with key industry players. Effective communication is paramount – be prepared to articulate your needs and inquire about the offerings of exhibitors.


Optimizing Procurement: Making Informed Decisions at EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024


Buyers can enhance their procurement process by adopting strategic evaluation methods. Compare products and services, utilizing technology to streamline decision-making. Real-life examples showcase how buyers, armed with knowledge gained at exhibitions, made informed and successful procurement decisions.


Staying Informed: Keeping Pace with Industry Trends


EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024 serves as a knowledge hub for industry trends. Attend keynote sessions and panel discussions to stay abreast of the latest developments. Apply this knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions, ensuring that your procurement aligns with current industry trends.


Post-Exhibition Action Plan: Turning Opportunities into Tangible Results


The exhibition doesn’t conclude when you leave the venue – immediate follow-up is crucial. Nurture relationships with exhibitors, turning initial connections into long-term partnerships. Success stories abound of buyers who transformed post-exhibition leads into tangible business opportunities through effective follow-up.


Tips for Attending: Registration, Parking, Dining, and on-site Activities


Some more useful tips about the exhibition to make your experience more comfortable and more productive:

  • Registration

FREE REGISTRATION for the exhibition. The specific on-site registration point of the WTC, Ciudad de México may vary according to the arrangement of specific activities and exhibitions. When you arrive at WTC, you can look for signs, or signs or ask the staff to determine the exact location of the on-site registration point.

However, you can save time by registering online in advance.

Click here to access the online registration form.

  • Parking

Parking Address: Located in Montecito 38, Nápoles, Benito Juárez, 03810 Ciudad de México, CDMX WTC Mexico.mx

Self-driving parking: The exhibition center usually provides a parking lot for visitors to park their private vehicles. You can find the car park and park your vehicle by following the signs or directions.

  • Dining&Hotel

The exhibition site is in a superior geographical location, and there are many dining places and accommodation options nearby. It’s located near the main entrance, so you can easily refuel during your visit. You can choose through software such as booking.



Find Desired Products: 7 strategies to streamline the search


Finding the right products can be a daunting task, but we can do something to maximize your exhibition activities and returns. Try seven strategies we propose to streamline the search for desired products. These strategies will help you save time, focus on your needs, and make the most of your attendance at the exhibition.

Find Desired Products 7 Strategies to Streamline the Search
Find Desired Products 7 Strategies to Streamline the Search


  • Set goals for participation.
  • Conduct market research on exhibitors and products.
  • Familiarize with 5 key terms if sourcing fabric: end use, weight, composition, fabric style, MOQ.
  • Bring a notebook and take organized notes.
  • Prepare samples, if possible. That will help exhibitors quickly position what you need and quote you in a short time.
  • Prioritize important factors for decision-making, including price, quality, reliability, etc.
  • Take photos and record important information, which would aid in the decision-making process or support further research for them.


We’re Exhibiting Too! Where to find us?


We are ZEVA DENIM, a denim fabric manufacturer integrating R&D, production, and marketing and offering 200+ classic and innovative denim products at competitive prices, small MOQ, and short lead time.

Check below to find out if we have any interesting products for you.

ZEVA DENIM Product Catalogue
ZEVA DENIM Product Catalogue


Exhibition Product
  • Denim fabric for lady jeans
    • Weight from 8.5oz to 10.5oz before washing.
    • Twill or slub style. 45-85%(max.) elasticity.
  • Denim fabric for men’s jeans
    • Weight from 10oz to 13oz before washing.
    • Twill, slub, or crosshatch slub style.
    • Medium stretch.
    • 187-190cm width maximum.
  • Rigid denim
    • Weight from 11oz to 14oz.
    • Three different types: 100% cotton, cotton polyester blended (for work wear), and a higher percentage of rayon which can offer a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • Lightweight denim
    • Weight 4.5oz to 9oz. Stretch or non-stretch.
    • 100% cotton, cotton polyester rayon blended, sustainable lightweight mixed grace or lyocell.
    • Ideal for shirting denim, work wear, dresses, and shorts for adults or kids.

(Noted: Exhibited products are mostly offered in stock. We can fulfill orders of more than 3000 yards. For FCL orders, MOQ is 1000 yards per item. The fastest delivery time is within 7 days!)

  • Where to find us

Booth 203, WTC

  • We offer in-person visits. How to apply?

If you can’t attend our exhibition, we offer the option of arranging for an in-person visit. Our team will bring samples and over 10 years of experience in the denim industry to visit you and offer professional insights into the local market during the 3-4 days after the exhibition.

To schedule a visit, fill out the form on the website or email contacts@zevadenim.com with booking requests such as “I want an in-person visit, my contacts and address are…I need denim fabric….”.

Our team member will respond within one working day to confirm your appointment. If the application is successfully made, we will have a further discussion with you and select appropriate products for you. That can help you save huge sample or freight fees!


  • We cannot guarantee all appointment requests can be met due to limited availability, but we will try to consider and fulfill each request. I appreciate your understanding.
  • Explore more of our denim fabric products from our Facebook: ZEVA DENIM



As buyers prepare to attend EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024, this guide serves as a valuable companion on their journey to success. From meticulous pre-exhibition preparations to strategic networking, optimizing procurement, staying informed on industry trends, and implementing a robust post-exhibition action plan – each section provides practical insights and real-world examples. May your experience at EXPO PRODUCCIÓN 2024 be both fruitful and transformative as you navigate the exhibition with purpose and precision.

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We are denim fabric manufacturer, integrating R&D, production and marketing. Offering 200+ classic and innovative denim products at competitive price, small MOQ and mostly within 7 days delivery.


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